MAY 20, 2019 - AUGUST 11, 2019

Classes are cancelled on July 4 for the holiday.


1:00pm  Adult Beginning Tap  Emily Krach

1:00pm  Adult Intermediate Ballet  Marianne Hale

2:00pm  Adult Intermediate Tap  Emily Krach

3:00pm  Beginning Femme Hip-Hop  Devin Dennis

4:00pm Open Hip Hop (Ages 16+) Devin Dennis


4:30pm  FX Jazz  Kaitlin Butcher/Emily Eddington

5:30pm  Elementary Combo B (Ages 7-8)  Chelsea Harney

5:30pm  Youth Ballet (Ages 7-10)  Erika Greene

5:30pm  Adult Int/Adv Contemporary  Emily Eddington

6:30pm  Adult Int/Adv Jazz  Emily Eddington

6:30pm  Adult Beginning Ballet  Erika Greene

7:00pm Adult Broadway Tap Grace Bagwell Adams

7:30pm  Adult Beginning Pointe  Erika Greene

8:00pm Burlesque Aerobics Grace Bagwell Adams


4:00pm  FX Ballet  Allison Hayn Smith/Brittany Couch

4:00pm  Youth Hip Hop (Ages 7-10)  Kaitlin Butcher/Devin Dennis

5:00pm  FX Contemporary  Allison Hayn Smith/Brittany Couch

5:00pm  Tween Ballet (Ages 10-14)  Erika Greene

6:00pm  FX Hip Hop Josh Truitt

6:00pm  Adult Advanced Jazz  Allison Hayn Smith/Brittany Couch

6:00pm  Adult Beginning Salsa and Bachata  Natalie Cox

6:00pm  Pre-Pointe/Beginning Pointe  Marianne Hale

6:45pm  Int/Adv Salsa and Bachata  Natalie Cox

7:00pm  Adult Intermediate Ballet  Marianne Hale

7:00pm  Adult Advanced Contemporary  Allison Hayn Smith/Brittany Couch


1:30pm  Open Level Ballet  Allison Hayn Smith/Grace Ferzely

3:30pm  PreK Ballet/Tap 1&2 (Ages 3-5) Brittney Seabolt

5:30pm  Tween Tap (Ages 10-14)  Chelsea Harney

6:00pm  Beginning Ballroom  Natalie Cox

6:30pm  Tween Hip Hop (Ages 10-14)  Kaitlin Butcher/Brittany Couch

6:30pm  Adult Intermediate Contemporary  Brittney Seabolt

7:00pm  Ballroom Technique  Natalie Cox

7:30pm  Adult Contemporary Ballet Brittney Seabolt

7:30pm  Adult Intermediate Jazz  Allison Hayn Smith/Brittany Couch




4:00pm  Tween Jazz (Ages 10-14)  Allison Hayn Smith/Brittany Couch

5:00pm  Tween Contemporary (Ages 10-14)  Allison Hayn Smith/Brittany Couch

6:00pm  Adult Beginning Burlesque   Kaylee Arnold

6:00pm  Adult Beginning Jazz  Allison Hayn Smith/Julia Urrea

6:00pm  Adult Street Jazz  Kaitlin Butcher/Brittany Couch

7:00pm  Adult Beginning Contemporary  Allison Hayn Smith/Brittany Couch

7:00pm Adult Intermediate Contemporary Kaitlin Butcher/Julia Urrea

8:00pm  Partner Stretch  Allison Hayn Smith/Devin Dennis

8:00pm  Kicks and Tricks (Ages 15+)  Kaitlin Butcher/Brittany Couch


9:45am  Creative Movement *45 mins (Ages 2.5-3)  Ashley Clark

10:30am  PreK Ballet/Tap 1&2 (Ages 3-5)  Ashley Clark FULL

11:30am  Elementary Combo A (Ages 5-6)  Ashley Clark



$25 Annual Reg Fee, $35 Family Registration Fee

45 min/week - $52.50/month

1 hour/week - $67.50/month

1.5 hour/week - $87.50/month

2 hours/week - $102.50/month

3 hours/week - $132.50/month

4 hours/week - $162.50/month

5 hours/week - $192.50/month

6 hours/week - $217.50/month

7 hours/week - $247.50/month

8 hours/week - $277.50/month

9 hours/week - $307.50/month

Unlimited - $337.50/month

To schedule private lessons, email


Trial Drop-In                             $8

Salsa & Bachata Drop-In      $10

Drop-In Class                            $20

4-Class Punch Card                $75

10-Class Punch Card             $180

Punch cards are valid for 3 months following purchase date.

For details, contact us or email ALLISON@DANCEFX.ORG.

*Please read through our Tuition Policies & Information