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$25 Annual Reg Fee, $35 Family Registration Fee
45 min/week - $52.50/month
1 hour/week - $67.50/month
1.5 hour/week - $87.50/month
2 hours/week - $102.50/month
3 hours/week - $132.50/month
4 hours/week - $162.50/month
5 hours/week - $192.50/month
6 hours/week - $217.50/month
7 hours/week - $247.50/month
8 hours/week - $277.50/month
9 hours/week - $307.50/month
Unlimited - $337.50/month

To schedule private lessons, email Allison@Dancefx.org.


Trial Drop-In                             $8 

Salsa & Bachata Drop-In      $10

Drop-In Class                            $20

4-Class Punch Card                $75

10-Class Punch Card             $180

Punch cards are valid for 3 months following purchase date.

Adult Performance company members receive discounted UNLIMITED tuition! 

For details, contact us or email ALLISON@DANCEFX.ORG.

*Please read through our Tuition Policies & Information


Dancefx offers the Clean for Class Program for those looking to trade tuition in exchange for helping us maintain a warm, welcoming environment at the studio.  Reliable and motivated participants help us to keep our dance space looking beautiful! Space in this program is limited.  For more information, contact Emily at Emily@dancefx.org. We'd love for you to join the Dancefx family! 


As a 501(c)3  not-for-profit organization, Dancefx is proud to offer as many scholarships as possible, awarded based on financial need. Scholarships are limited and are not available for all Dancefx programs and activities. We also have a boy's community outreach program to encourage young men to foster a passion for dance. The first hour of tuition for boys age 17 and under is 50% off, and a limited number of full scholarships are available as well. Please contact Allison@dancefx.org for more information on scholarships.