Important Dates

Adrenaline Dance Convention: March 22-24 in Atlanta

LA Trip- April 3- 7 (optional)

Open Call Dance Competition: May 3-4 (UGA Fine Arts)** Open Call is an OPTIONAL competition that I run! If you'd like to compete your solo, duo, or small group, please let me know. You can register on your own, or I can create a Dancefx group. Ballet solos are welcome as well. So far, I have five NON Dancefx studios registered.

Bravo Dance Competition: May 10-12 (Classic Center)

Youth Spring Concert: May 17-18 (UGA Fine Arts Theater/ Tech during that week)

Costume Payment Info

For the Spring Semester, you'll have 2 options for costume payment, either (1) 2 pre-set and scheduled payments on Feb 1 and April 1 OR (2) pay in full for Spring Semester Costumes before Feb 1. See below for costs by company. These prices reflect a budget we're committing to stick to, but we will refund or credit your accounts if we end up under the budget at the end of the semester!

FX 1&2 payments include 2 company performance costumes, 2 jazz class costumes for the spring show, and 1 contemporary class costume for the spring show. Option (1) is 2 payments of $95 or Option (2) is one payment of $190. 

FX 3 payments include 2 company performance costumes, 1 jazz class costume for the spring show, and 1 contemporary class costume for the spring show. Option (1) is 2 payments of $80 or Option (2) is one payment of $160. 

L.A. Trip Details

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Ballet/Jazz Class Requirement

FX Company Members are required to take 16 ballet classes each semester, FX1 and FX2 dancers are also required 26 jazz classes and FX3 dancers are also required 16 jazz classes each semester. If the total has not been completed by the end of Spring semester, the dancer must see Miss Kaitlin and discuss a solution or they will not be permitted to audition for the FX companies again next year.

Information for Next Year

The 2019 Summer Semester will go from May 20-August 11. FX students are encouraged but not required to take class over the summer. They are also welcome to participate in Choreography Camp and Triple Threat Camp. Dates are available on the Youth Schedule page.

FX Audition dates are TBD for 2019-2020.