Teacher Spotlight: Kia Street


If you don’t know her already, she will seek you out and put a smile on your face. She wants to share her love of dance with the whole world. She’s the one, the only… Kia Street! Kia will happily admit that she is a little crazy… but the good kind of crazy. She’s the kind of crazy where you can’t help but laugh at her joke, but then you wonder, “did she really just say that?” You know when she walks in the building because she’s a loud, bubbly, people-person who wants to get to know you! If you aren’t happy, Kia will make you happy. We are thrilled to have this ball of hilarious energy in our Dancefx family.


We sat down with Kia to get a better idea of why she loves to dance.

Dancefx: Congratulations on being chosen as September’s teacher of the month! We’re excited we get to pick your brain a little. Can you tell us, when you began dancing?

Kia: I began dancing when I was 3 years old. When I was seven I actually quit, but I picked it back up again when I was 14, and I have stuck with it ever since!


Dancefx: We’re so glad you stuck with it to be here with us today! Where did you dance when you started back again?

Kia: So am I! I began dancing at Mount Zion High School which had a performing arts magnet. Then, when I graduated I went to college for dance at Valdosta State University. I always knew I wanted to pursue dance as a career. My dad says I now have the career that I always said I would have when I was little.

My favorite thing about Ms. Kia’s improv class is that she pushes us out of our comfort zones and teaches us new and creative ways to dance.
— Grace Geiger, FX Co.

Dancefx: It’s so inspiring that you had a dream, and you ended up pursuing it as a career. How did you end up coming all the way from Valdosta to Dancefx?

Kia: I met someone through mutual friends who danced at Dancefx. After she told me about it and posted about all the fun class performance opportunities they had, I wanted to be a part of it! So, I auditioned for Xtensity and danced with the company that year. Then I began working at the front desk; now I’m a teacher here, and I teach Ballet, Contemporary, and Improv.

Dancefx: Which class is your favorite to teach?

Kia: I’d have to say my favorite is Improv because I like seeing dancers find themselves and their own type of movement.


Dancefx: How would you describe  your natural type of movement?
Kia: This probably sounds counterintuitive, but I think I would describe my movement as grounded yet fluid. I’m more likely to use soft, swift movements rather than hard-hitting ones. That being said, hip-hop is not my thing! Also, I just really like being on the ground.

Dancefx: Tell us more about yourself! What’s a fun fact about you that will give us insight into, The Essence of Kia?


Kia: This is going to sound really strange, but I just love the smell of babies! Oh, and walking barefoot in the rain. If I am ever stressed out, smelling a baby or walking barefoot in the rain are two activities that never fail to relax me.

Dancefx: If that doesn’t perfectly describe The Essence of Kia, then I don’t know what does! Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? Maybe a piece of advice for young dancers?

Kia: Everyone’s journey is different. You can’t compare yourself to others; you must be able to understand your own journey. I know that’s sometimes hard to do in dance when technique dictates that you dance a very specific way or in auditions when the directors are looking for someone very specific to cast, but you have to understand that you can’t walk the same path as everyone else in life. You must understand that your journey is unique.

Dancefx: That is such a great point and super helpful advice for an aspiring dancer. It’s been so fun to talk to you and get to know you better. Thank you, Kia!

If you see Kia around the studio, be sure to say, “hello” and let her smell your baby if you have one!

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