Casting Call! - Audition Tips and Tricks

You want the part so badly; you were made to dance that role! However, your technique and performance may only get you part of the way there. Proper audition etiquette can make all the difference when trying out for a part in a show.

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When in Doubt, Wear Black

Sometimes auditions allow colorful clothing, like The Rockettes!

Sometimes auditions allow colorful clothing, like The Rockettes!

First impressions are everything, so you’ll want to look your best when you show up to an audition. You should adjust your attire to suit the type of audition to which you’re attending (leotard and tights for ballet, leggings for jazz, etc.), but the clothing should be form fitting so the judges can see your body and asses your movement. Also, unless the audition information you receive states that it’s appropriate to wear colors, it’s best to wear black, making you look more uniform and professional.

Slick it Back

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A clean hair-do will also enhance your first impression and look of professionalism. A ballet audition ALWAYS requires a bun. Brush up on your skills of making a neat bun. In auditions for other styles of dance, you can have your hair however you like as long as it’s neat and out of your face.

To be early is to be on time; to be on time is to be late…

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Not only will you want to arrive on time to auditions, you’ll want to be there about 20-30 minutes early. That doesn’t mean parking the car 20-30 minutes before the audition begins; that mean getting checked in and warming up 20-30 minutes early. It’s polite to be on time and warmed up, but being early also gives you time to get your head in the game.

Common Sense Stuff

Don’t talk when the teacher is talking. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask a question. Always do the combination full out, especially when you’re first learning it. Come prepared. Remember your manners. Thank the instructors and judges at the end. You get the picture. You know all this already!

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Act the Part

This doesn’t just mean being professional and making yourself someone the directors want to work with. It also means performing! Show your style and emotions, don’t just do the steps. Make yourself the dancer the judges can’t help but watch. Even if you don’t have the choreography down perfectly, your presence and confidence will help you gain positive attention from the judges.

Have fun!

Just having fun and enjoying your time dancing will help you feel more confident and relaxed. Even if you don’t make it, you still got good experience for your next auditions. You win some, you lose some, so embrace the experience and your love for dance!

Do you have any special auditions tips you would like to share? Leave us a comment; we’d love to hear about your experiences!