Teacher Spotlight: Lorien Talmadge

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What is Buti Yoga? I’m sure you’ve seen it on our class schedule but never knew how great it was! What better way to describe the essences of Buti Yoga than with an interview with the instructor? In this interview with Lorien Talmadge, Dancefx’s resident Buti yoga instructor, she tells us about her love of Buti and how you can benefit from it too!

Dancefx: How did you begin practicing and teaching Buti yoga?

Lorien: It’s funny, but we always say that Buti finds us versus the other way around. I was looking for another way to move, outside of dance, but that would compliment dance; that’s how I came across Buti. It was the perfect marriage of yoga and dance that my body was craving - I just didn’t know how much I needed it upon first discovery.

Dancefx: It’s funny how it sometimes works out like that. What’s your favorite part about teaching Buti?

Lorien: How can I choose one part?  From the creation of my playlists, to my soulful flow, to the creativity I can express on the mat, to the deeper connection within myself and my students… I love every part of it.

Dancefx: Do you have a favorite pose or movement?

Lorien: I would say my absolutely favorite is Camatkarasana or Wild Thing. Essentially, it means the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart. What could be more beautiful than that?

Dancefx: That’s so poetic! What’s your favorite type of music to play while practicing?

Lorien: Hm… That’s tough. I am moved by so many types, but during my own practice, I love a soulful groove or Afro beats - that will always get me moving.

Dancefx: What would you like people to know about Buti yoga? How would you describe it to someone? What do people gain from the practice?


Lorien: Don’t judge it until you’ve tried it. For a variety of reasons, it sometimes seems intimidating, but once you’re in the room, on the mat, there’s nothing else like it. After one class, you’re changed, if you surrender and let it happen. I always say it’s really about sweating with intention… truly. You will change on the outside, yes, but it’s a transformation from the inside out. You will experience self-love in a way you have never experienced before, along with a sisterhood that lives by one of our core values: to give each other the gift of unwavering friendship.

Dancefx: It sounds like your class has a very welcoming and inspirational atmosphere. Does your personal practice differ from how you teach?

Lorien: Yes, of course! My personal practice is about me taking tons of chances, learning new things, and pushing my own personal limits. I love the creativity I can explore on my mat during class with my students, but that’s their class, not mine.  

Dancefx: How did you come to be at Dancefx, and how long have you been here? What’s your favorite thing about DFX?

Lorien: Now this is a story - I literally have been at Dancefx since the first opening day here in Alpharetta. My favorite thing is that they’re my family. Period. We have the best environment, and that’s the reason people come and stay for years, even transitioning from the youth program into the adult. This really allows us to become more like a family.

Dancefx: Who takes your class? Is it mostly parents of students at DFX?

Lorien: All kinds of people take Buti! I’d love more parents to take, and the dancers love it; I love to bring in new people too.  

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Dancefx: How would you describe yourself? What do you want people to know about you?

Lorien: I’m a business minded creative who loves physical movement. I’ve danced for most of my life, and I bring that same creativity into everything I do.  

Dancefx: Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Lorien: I think the funniest fact is that I am a professional by day and then a dancer and yogi.  That’s pretty fun.

With the fun and inclusive atmosphere that Lorien’s class has, it is definitely worth giving Buti yoga a shot. Lorien would love to see new faces in her classes, especially Wednesday, October 31st for the Halloween Buti Glow class! Visit bit.ly/halloween-buti for more information.

Another fun fact - October is Lorien’s birthday month! If you see her, wish her a happy birthday or leave a comment for her here!