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Session runs August 6th, 2018 - May 18th, 2019

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We will be on Winter Break from December 17th to January 6th.

Although we will not be having regularly scheduled classes, we will still be open throughout the month of December for several holiday classes!

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2:00pm Elementary Combo A (Ages 5-7) Grace Geiger



4:30pm Elementary Hip-Hop (Ages 6-9) Arron Davidson

4:30pm Elementary Combo A (Ages 5-6) Payton McCarty

5:30pm Tween Hip-Hop (Ages 10-14) Arron Davidson

5:30pm Elementary Combo B (Ages 7-8) Payton McCarty

5:30pm Tween Ballet (Ages 10-14) Eilene Epperson

6:30pm Tween Contemporary (Age 10-14) Eilene Epperson

6:30pm Intermediate Co Rehearsal (Ages 9-12) Payton McCarty/Eilene Epperson

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4:15pm Creative Movement *45min (Age 2.5-3.5) Grace Geiger

5:00pm FX Contemporary (Ages 12+) Kia Street

5:00pm Pre-Pointe (Ages 9+) Lara Davis

6:00pm Improv (Ages 13+) Kia Street

6:00pm FX Legacy Rehearsal (Ages 11+) Tiara Madison

7:00pm FX Intermediate Hip-Hop (Ages 11+) Tiara Madison


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4:00pm Mini Co Rehearsal (Ages 6-8) *1.5 hours Payton McCarty

4:00pm Elementary Combo A (Ages 5-6) Reagan Street

5:00pm FX 2/3 Ballet *1.5 hours (Ages 13+) Eilene Epperson

5:00pm FX 1 Ballet *1.5 hours (Ages 14+) Amber Colmey

6:30pm FX 2/3 Jazz (Ages 13+) Eilene Epperson

6:30pm FX 1 Jazz (Ages 14+) Amber Colmey

7:30pm FX 2/3 Co Rehearsal

7:30pm FX 1 Co Rehearsal *1.5 hours

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4:00pm PreK Ballet/Tap (Ages 3-5) Payton McCarty

4:30pm Junior Co Rehearsal (Ages 7-9) *1.5 hours Lara Davis

5:00pm FX Beginner Ballet (Ages 13+) Kia Street

5:00pm Soundfx Co Rehearsal (Ages 9-12) Payton McCarty

6:00pm Pointe 1 (Permission Only, Ages 12+) Lara Davis

6:00pm Tween Jazz (Ages 10-14) Payton McCarty

7:00pm FX Tap (Ages 12+) Payton McCarty

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4:15pm Elementary Hip-Hop (Ages 7-11) Arron Davidson

5:15pm Legacy Jr. Co Rehearsal (Ages 7-11) *45min Arron Davidson




10:00am Bibbidi Bobbidi Ballet/Tap (Ages 2.5-4.5)
Charis Booker

11:00am Kid Hop (Ages 4-6) Charis Booker


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Our goal is to find the best fit for you or you regardless of age and experience. We offer classes for all ages and levels in the styles of ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and more!


New dancers explore movement and rhythm through basic dance steps in ballet and tap! Dancers will also have fun using manipulatives, music and rhymes to help them practice dance fundamentals in an exciting and positive environment. Pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, leotard and tights required. *45-minute class.


Pre-K Ballet/Tap uses storytelling to teach the foundations of ballet and tap technique and to develop vital skills for preschoolers that go beyond the dance classroom. Pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, pink tights and leotard required.


Taught by Ms. Charis, a graduate of "Fairy Godmother School" at Cinderella’s Castle. She structures her class with the same foundation as the Pre-K Ballet/Tap but adds a fun twist with fairytale-influenced games and activities.

KID HOP (Ages 4-6)

A gentle introduction to hip-hop foundations that balances play, creativity and discipline. Join Ms. Charis to learn fun, youth-friendly dance moves!


A great introduction to a variety of dance techniques in a positive and fun environment! Dancers learn and build on the basics of ballet, tap, and jazz. Each class includes 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of jazz or tap. Pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, black jazz shoes, leotard and tights required. Suggested designations A-B indicate age of dancer: A includes dancers ages 5-6, B includes dancers ages 7-8.


Have an amazing time dancing to fun, age-appropriate hip-hop music! Young dancers will stretch, learn fun and youth-friendly combinations, and practice hip-hop isolations in a positive, nurturing environment!


It’s not too late to start ballet! This class is designed as a great introduction to ballet basics for brand new beginners or a great review for those who have taken a break from dance and want to come back! Pink ballet shoes, pink tights, and solid colored leotard required.

TWEEN CLASSES (Ages 10-14)

These classes offer individual hours of technique rather than a combined combo class of ballet/tap/jazz for middle-school-aged dancers. Dancers will practice proper execution of basic techniques and increase dance vocabulary in a fun environment. Ballet shoes, pink tights, and solid colored leotard required for ballet. Black jazz shoes required for jazz.

FX CLASSES (Ages 12-18)

Dancefx’s pre-professional program open to both those who are new to dance and those with years of dance training. The FX Program offers specialized training in a variety of genres that your dancer can pick from – ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and pointe. If your dancer is seeking additional performance opportunities and a team experience, they should consider the FX 1 and FX 2/3 Performance Companies!

PRE-POINTE (Ages 9+)

Ballet technique taught with a focus on gaining the strength and coordination needed for pointework. Ballet shoes, pink tights, and solid-colored leotard required.

POINTE (Ages 12+; Permission required)

Ballet technique taught en pointe with a focus on ankle and core strength and stability. Pointe shoes, pink tights, and solid-colored leotard required.

IMPROV (Ages 13+)

Have you ever tried to spell your name through movement? Or describe your day through movement? If you desire to explore new possibilities and practice creating movement on-the-spot, this is the class for you! Join improv to learn exercises specifically designed to spark your creativity and self-expression.