*Please read through our Tuition Policies & Information

Annual Registration Fees

Monthly Tuition Autopay Rates* (prorated Dec/May)
*Charged on the 1st of each month
*+$5 Monthly Processing Fee for non-autopay
45 min/week - $50/month
1 hour/week - $65/month
1.5 hours/week - $85/month                      
2 hours/week - $100/month
2.5 hours/week - $115/month
3 hours/week - $130/month 
3.5 hours/week - $145/month 
4 hours/week - $160/month 
4.5 hours/week - $175/month 
5 hours/week - $190/month               
5.5 hours/week - $205/month                  
6 hours/week - $215/month  
6.5 hours/week - $230/month
7 hours/week - $245/month 
7.5 hours/week - $260/month 
8 hours/week  - $275/month
8.5 hours/week - $290/month 
9 hours/week - $305/month 
9.5 hours/week - $320/month 
Unlimited $335/month       

For more information, email PAYTON@DANCEFX.ORG.

Tuition Discounts and Scholarships

Pay in Full: We offer a 10% discount if tuition is paid in full at the beginning of a session.

Families: We know dance expenses can add up for our families, so we offer a family tuition discount of 10%.

Boys’ Scholarship: As part of our community outreach initiative to encourage boys to dance, boys under the age of 18 receive an automatic 50% tuition scholarship.

Need-Based Scholarships: We offer a limited number of scholarships to dancers in need. Please contact PAYTON@DANCEFX.ORG for the application.



Trial Drop-In (first visit) $8 

Drop-In Class                     $20

Class packages for ADULTs

We understand that your schedule can change week-to-week, which is why we offer Punch Cards as an alternative to monthly tuition for our adult students. A Punch Card is a great, flexible option if you know you want to dance, but you're not sure you can commit to a weekly class. Choose between the options listed below to pick the best package for your schedule!

4-Class Punch Card          $75

10-Class Punch Card       $180

Punch cards are valid for 3 months following purchase date. 4-Class Punch Cards may be reactivated for an additional 2 weeks for a $10 fee. 10-Class Punch Cards may be reactivated for an additional 1 month for a $10 fee.