youth clasS SCHEDULE


August 11, 2018 - May 18, 2019


2:00pm PreK Ballet/Tap 1/2  Brittney Seabolt

3:00pm Elementary Combo A (Ages 5-6) Brittney Seabolt

4:00pm Elementary Combo B (Ages 7-8) Brittney Seabolt

5:00pm Youth Jazz (7-10) Brittney Seabolt



3:45pm Creative Movement (45min, Ages 2.5-3) Jessica Bortle FULL

4:30pm Youth Ballet (Ages 7-10) Brittney Seabolt

4:30pm Elementary Combo A (Ages 5-6) Jessica Bortle FULL

4:30pm PreK Ballet/Tap 1/2 Julia Urrea FULL

5:30pm Youth Hip-Hop (Ages 7-10) Jessica Bortle

6:30pm Youth Tap (Ages 7-10) Chelsea Harney


3:00pm PreK Ballet/Tap 1/2 Jessica Bortle

4:00pm Soundfx Kidz Musical Theatre (Ages 5-7) Payton McCarty

4:00pm Elementary Combo B (Ages 7-8) Jessica Bortle

4:00pm Tween Jazz (Ages 10-14) Allison Hayn

5:00pm Youth Hip-Hop (Ages 7-10) Brittney Seabolt

5:00pm Tween Contemporary (Ages 10-14) Allison Hayn

6:00pm Pre-Pointe/Pointe I Marianne Hale


3:30pm PreK Ballet/Tap 1/2  Meriah Grove FULL


5:30pm Petite Ballet (Company Only) Marianne Hale

5:30pm Tween Contemporary Julia Urrea

5:30pm FX 1/2 Contemporary Allison Hayn

5:30pm FX 3 Contemporary Kaitlin Butcher

6:30pm FX 3 Ballet Marianne Hale FULL

6:30pm FX 1/2 & Intermediate Ballet Janet Robertson

7:30pm FX Pointe Marianne Hale


3:30pm Youth Breakdance Brittney Seabolt

3:45pm Creative Movement (45 min) Jessica Bortle

4:00pm Elementary Combo A Meriah Grove

4:30pm FX 3 Jazz Kaitlin Butcher

4:30pm FX 1/2 Jazz Allison Hayn

5:00pm Tiny Tots Irish Dance (30 min) Oonagh Benson

5:30pm Beginning Irish Dance Oonagh Benson

6:30pm Advanced Irish Dance (1.5 hrs) Oonagh Benson



4:30pm Tween Hip-Hop (Ages 10-14) Brittney Seabolt

5:30pm Tween Tap (Ages 10-14) Chelsea Harney

5:30pm Just For Boys Hip-Hop (Ages 7-10) Brittney Seabolt

6:30pm Tween Ballet (Ages 10-14) Erika Greene


9:30am PreK Ballet/Tap 1 Chelsea Harney FULL

10:30am PreK Ballet/Tap 2 Ashley Clark FULL

10:30am Elementary Combo A (Ages 5-6) Chelsea Harney

11:30am Elementary Combo B (Ages 7-8) Chelsea Harney

11:30am Youth Ballet (Ages 7-10) Ashley Clark

CREATIVE MOVEMENT (Ages 2.5-3) This class allows new dancers to explore movement and rhythm through basic dance steps, ballet and tap. Dancers will have fun using manipulatives, music and rhymes to help them practice dance fundamentals in an exciting and positive environment. Ballet shoes, tap shoes, leotard and tights are required. This is a 45 minute class.

PREK BALLET/TAP (Ages 3-5) A gentle introduction to ballet and tap technique in a fun and energetic classroom environment. WIth classic youth friendly songs and pre-dance movement, this class is dedicated to helping your child fall in love with dance! Ballet shoes, tap shoes, leotards and tights are required.

BALLET Ballet barre, floor work and technique. Beginners will learn classical ballet fundamentals from the very beginning basics, and gain agility, flexibility, balance and body awareness. Advanced dancers will find their class tailored to the individual dancer's needs by fine-tuning technique, giving advanced turn and jump combinations, and recommending personal goals. Ballet shoes required.

POINTE Ballet technique en pointe. Taught at Beg-Int level

ELEMENTARY COMBO (Grades K-5) In a combination of ballet, tap, and jazz, elementary-aged children will learn and then build on the basics in each style. Each class is a combination of barre work, across the floor, center floor combinations and technique. Suggested designations indicate age of dancer: A=age 5-6 B=age 7-8

CONTEMPORARY Contemporary Dance is a feel-good, self-expression based movement. Dancers should have a basic knowledge of ballet technique and desire a quicker paced, choreography based class. Full warm up with technique training exercises, across the floor and a focus on the weekly combos.

HIP-HOP Have a fabulous time dancing to fun, age-appropriate hip hop music! Young dancers will stretch, learn weekly high energy, youth friendly combinations, and practice hip-hop isolations in a positive, nurturing environment!

JAZZ Classic jazz technique and combinations with tricks, leaps, and turns. Combinations focus on style, stage presence, and execution and continuously strengthen and sharpen movements. Soft-soled jazz shoes required.

TAP Stylized rhythmic tap with technique practice and weekly combinations. Tap shoes required.

TWEEN CLASSES (for dancers aged 10-14) Perfect for the beginner tween-aged dance student. Dancefx offers classes focused on ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and hip hop.

FX1, FX2 and FX3 CLASSES (for dancers aged 11-18) Dancefx has a special pre-professional program for Middle School and High School students- The FX1/2/3 Program. Open to those with previous dance experience, this program offers specialized training in a variety of genres - ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and Pointe. In general, FX3 classes are great for intermediate level dancers, and FX1 and FX2 classes are for more advanced training.


$25 Annual Registration Fee, $35 Family Registration Fee
45 min/week - $52.50/month
1 hour/week - $67.50/month
1.5 hour/week - $87.50/month
2 hours/week - $102.50/month
3 hours/week - $132.50/month
4 hours/week - $162.50/month
5 hours/week - $192.50/month
6 hours/week - $217.50/month
7 hours/week - $247.50/month
8 hours/week - $277.50/month
9 hours/week - $307.50/month
Unlimited - $337.50/month


Trial Drop-In                       $8 

Drop-In Class                     $20

Punch cards are not available for youth classes.

For information on private lessons, email

For details, contact us or email ALLISON@DANCEFX.ORG.

*Please read through our Tuition Policies & Information

important dates - youth program

August 11, 2018 - First Day of Classes

November 18-24, 2018 - Thanksgiving Break

December 11-12, 2018 - Holiday Showcase

December 23, 2018 - January 3, 2019 - Winter Break

March 10-16, 2019 - Spring Break

May 15-18, 2019 - Spring Showcase Tech Rehearsals and Shows

May 17, 2019 - Last Day of Classes

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Dancefx offers the Clean for Class Program for those looking to trade tuition in exchange for helping us maintain a warm, welcoming environment at the studio.  Reliable and motivated participants help us to keep our dance space looking beautiful! Space in this program is limited.  For more information, contact Emily at We'd love for you to join the Dancefx family! 


As a 501(c)3  not-for-profit organization, Dancefx is proud to offer as many scholarships as possible, awarded based on financial need. Scholarships are limited and are not available for all Dancefx programs and activities. We also have a boy's community outreach program to encourage young men to foster a passion for dance. The first hour of tuition for boys age 17 and under is 50% off, and a limited number of full scholarships are available as well. Please contact for more information on scholarships.