Performance companies 

We offer various company opportunities for beginner through professional dancers to gain exposure, perform, and entertain audiences throughout Athens, GA and the Southeast. For additional information on each of our performance companies, email



2019-2020 Season Auditions TBA

Under the direction of Allison Hayn and Kaitlin Butcher, CONCERT DANCE COMPANY performs jazz and contemporary choreography through the Athens area. Performances include the DanceATHENS Dance Festival, Grace: An Evening of Elegance & Introspection, the Dancefx Spring Concert, our annual storybook show and more.

We're also proud to offer our XHIBITION, APPRENTICE, & TRAINING company levels under the direction of Allison Hayn, Kaitlin Butcher, and Emily Eddington.

Weekly Rehearsal Times:

Concert Dance Co Tues 8-9PM, Thurs 8:30-10PM

Xhibition Mon 7:30-8:30PM

Apprentice 1 Company Mon 8:30-9:30PM

Apprentice 2 Company Tues 9-10PM

Training Company Wed 9:30-10:30PM



2018-2019 CONTACT and Revolution auditions are complete, 2019-2020 audition dates TBA

CONTACT DANCE COMPANY is made up of ten couples with advanced ballroom dance expertise and a desire to perform. CONTACT blends traditional ballroom dances with elements of theatre arts. Under the direction of Natalie Cox, CONTACT reaches audiences desiring a dance element for their corporate or social events, public workshops, or musical showcases. CONTACT performs annually at the DanceATHENS Dance Festival in the Fall, Classic City Swing, Jingle Ball in December, Ballroom Magic in January, and the Dancefx Spring Concert in April, as well as additional community events.

CONTACT is available for workshops, private events, group/private lessons and outreach performances. To book CONTACT, email

New this year, we've added REVOLUTION DANCE COMPANY, a Salsa training company under Natalie's direction.

Weekly Rehearsal Times:

Contact Sun 12-2PM

Revolution Tues 8:30-9:30PM



2019-2020 Season Auditions TBA

SWEET DREAMS is Dancefx's femme hip-hop performance company under the direction of Jessica Bortle. Performance opportunities include DanceATHENS, the Dancefx spring concert, UGA campus events, and more. Past credits include the Athens Hip-Hop Awards, Athens Fashion Week, and the Pulse on Tour.

Sweet Dreams also offers an APPRENTICE COMPANY level.

Weekly Rehearsal Times:

Sweet Dreams Wed 9:30-10:30PM

Sweet Dreams Apprentice Sun 7-8PM




2018-2019 Auditions are complete, 2019-2020 audition dates TBA.

Led by Grace Bagwell Adams, THE MODERN PIN-UPS are a vintage-inspired performance company based at Dancefx. Performing around the Athens and Atlanta area, the Pin-Ups bring a sexy strut and cabaret style wherever they go.

The Modern Pin-Ups also offer an APPRENTICE COMPANY level under the direction of Allison Hayn.

Weekly Rehearsal Times:

Modern Pin-Ups Mon 8-10PM

MPU Apprentice Thurs 6:30-7:30PM



2019-2020 Season Audition Dates TBA

Under the direction of Grace Bagwell Adams, THE TAP COMPANY performs in the DanceATHENS Dance Festival, the Modern Pin-Ups Spreak the Love Event, and more!

The Tap Company also offers an APPRENTICE COMPANY under the direction of Emily Krach.

Weekly Rehearsal Times:

Tap Company Sun 5-6PM

Tap Apprentice Company Thurs 7:30-8:30

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2018-2019 Auditions are complete, contact us for more information on mid-season applications.

Elevation is our premier ballet ensemble performance company at Dancefx under the direction of Marianne Hale.

Weekly Rehearsals Sun 2-3PM