August 12, 2019 - May 3, 2020


1:00pm Just for Beginners Tap Kaylee Arnold

2:00pm Advanced Ballroom Natalie Cox

2:00pm Beginning/Intermediate Tap Emily Krach

3:00pm Intermediate Tap Emily Krach

3:00pm Beginning Ballroom Natalie Cox

3:30pm Intermediate Ballet *1.5 Hours Marianne Hale

4:00pm Beginning Ballet Erika Greene

4:00pm Advanced Tap Grace Bagwell Adams

5:00pm Contemporary Ballet Brittney Seabolt

5:00pm Intermediate Pointe Marianne Hale

5:00pm Beginning Pointe Erika Greene

6:00pm Beginning Femme Hip Hop Josh Truitt

6:00pm Partner Stretch Devin Dennis

6:00pm Intermediate Contemporary Brittney Seabolt

7:00pm Beginning Jazz Josh Truitt

7:00pm Acro/Flex Alyssa Craig


6:30pm Intermediate/Advanced Jazz Emily Eddington

6:30pm Int/Adv Ballet *1.5 Hours Janet Robertson

6:30pm Beginning Ballet Erika Greene

7:30pm Beginning Pointe Erika Greene

8:30pm Pop Vibes Nia Dukes


6:00pm Open Ballet Brittney Seabolt

6:00pm Advanced Contemporary Allison Smith

7:00pm Advanced Jazz Allison Smith

7:00pm Open Hip Hop Kaylee Arnold

7:00pm Beginning Salsa and Bachata *45 min Natalie Cox

7:00pm Tap Skills and Tricks Emily Krach

7:45pm Int Salsa and Bachata *45 min Natalie Cox

8:00pm Intermediate Jazz Gracen Pace

8:00pm Beginning Hip Hop Nia Dukes


1:30pm Open Ballet Allison Smith

5:30pm Intermediate Ballroom Natalie Cox

6:30pm FX1/2 & Adult Intermediate Ballet Janet Robertson

6:30pm Beginning Ballroom Natalie Cox

7:30pm Beginning Contemporary Allison Smith

8:30pm Beginning Jazz Allison Smith

8:30pm Femme Hip Hop Humayra Bramblett


6:30pm Intermediate Jazz Allison Smith

7:30pm Int/Adv Contemporary Allison Smith

8:30pm Burlesque Aerobics Kaylee Arnold

8:30pm Street Hip Hop Devin Dennis



BALLET Ballet barre, floor work and technique. Beginners will learn classical ballet fundamentals from the very beginning basics, and gain agility, flexibility, balance and body awareness. Advanced dancers will find their class tailored to the individual dancer's needs by fine-tuning technique, giving advanced turn and jump combinations, and recommending personal goals. Ballet shoes required.

POINTE Ballet technique en pointe. Taught at Beg-Int level.

CONTEMPORARY Contemporary Dance is a feel-good, self-expression based movement. Dancers should have a basic knowledge of ballet technique and desire a quicker paced, choreography based class. Full warm up with technique training exercises, across the floor and a focus on the weekly combos. Beginners: This class is taught at an easy going pace and will be tailored to the participants in the class. Dancers will work on increasing balance, agility, stretch and strength.

LEAPS AND TURNS Enhance your jump height, precision and spectrum while perfecting and learning classic and trendy turns and turn combos.

TAP Stylized rhythmic tap with technique practice and weekly combinations. Beginners will learn tap basics and build their knowledge of sounds and tap vocabulary with plenty of style and lots of fun. More advanced tappers will be given rhythmic challengers, advanced tap tricks and fast-paced choreography. Tap shoes required.

BEGINNING BALLROOM SAMPLER Perfect introduction to ballroom dance for beginners; a great chance to learn or review basics in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.  A different style of dance is taught each month.

INT/ADV BALLROOM Technique, style, vocabulary and musicality to enhance your ballroom dance performance. Prerequisite: Extensive knowledge of the basics of both smooth and rhythm styles required.

INTERMEDIATE BALLROOM At least one year of Ballroom and Latin. Advanced Ballroom: At least two years of Ballroom and Latin.

BEGINNER/ADVANCED SALSA Learn the basics and latest moves of salsa! 

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED JAZZ Intermediate and Advanced Jazz classes are for dancers who are ready to enhance their jazz dance vocabulary and ability. This class will be tailored to the individual dancer’s needs and address technique, turns leaps, tricks and Dancefx style. Dancers should have prior knowledge of basic jazz dance and be able to do a double pirouette. It is a great pairing with intermediate and advanced contemporary if you desire more choreography, combos and dance time. Beginners: New to Jazz dancers will learn the basics of jazz dance and technique in a fun and encouraging environment. Jazz dance will increase flexibility, core strength, and balance as well as musicality. Get ready for kicks, turns, tricks and fun! Soft soled jazz shoes required.

HIP HOP The latest moves to today’s hottest music taught by Athens’s Hip-Hop connoisseurs. Warm up, hip hop isolations and weekly combinations with a double dose of abs, legs, arms and cardio- it's the whole package! FEMME HIP HOP A sassy, sexy take on traditional hip hop.

BURLESQUE AEROBICS Burlesque aerobics at Dancefx is something special! Go-go dance, burlesque, and sexy aerobics are combined to produce a thrill for the dancer. This new hybrid exists to celebrate and empower dancers while providing an incredible cardio and flexibility workout.


$25 Annual Reg Fee, $35 Family Registration Fee
45 min/week - $52.50/month
1 hour/week - $67.50/month
1.5 hour/week - $87.50/month
2 hours/week - $102.50/month
3 hours/week - $132.50/month
4 hours/week - $162.50/month
5 hours/week - $192.50/month
6 hours/week - $217.50/month
7 hours/week - $247.50/month
8 hours/week - $277.50/month
9 hours/week - $307.50/month
Unlimited - $337.50/month

To schedule private lessons, email


Trial Drop-In                             $8 

Salsa & Bachata Drop-In      $10

Drop-In Class                            $20

4-Class Punch Card                $75

10-Class Punch Card             $180

Punch cards are valid for 3 months following purchase date.

Adult Performance company members receive discounted UNLIMITED tuition! 

For details, contact us or email ALLISON@DANCEFX.ORG.

*Please read through our Tuition Policies & Information

Important dates - adult program

August 12, 2019 - First Day of Classes

November 24-30, 2019 - Thanksgiving Break

December 9, 2019-January 5, 2020 - Winter Break

March 8-14, 2020 - Spring Break

April 12 - Closed for Easter

May 3, 2020 - Last Day of Classes


Dancefx offers the Clean for Class Program for those looking to trade tuition in exchange for helping us maintain a warm, welcoming environment at the studio.  Reliable and motivated participants help us to keep our dance space looking beautiful! Space in this program is limited.  For more information, contact Emily at We'd love for you to join the Dancefx family! 


As a 501(c)3  not-for-profit organization, Dancefx is proud to offer as many scholarships as possible, awarded based on financial need. Scholarships are limited and are not available for all Dancefx programs and activities. We also have a boy's community outreach program to encourage young men to foster a passion for dance. The first hour of tuition for boys age 17 and under is 50% off, and a limited number of full scholarships are available as well. Please contact for more information on scholarships.